SUMMARY2: sol9/disable RPC?

From: Nico Wieland <>
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 09:32:26 EDT
Some more details:

- DiskSuite doesn't need RPC in itself; it's only needed if metatools and/or
metasets are used.
- the new rpc.smserverd (used by vold in Solaris 9) needs RPC too.
- many people suggested that a DNS server could/should run headless anyway;
this is of course perfectly true.
  (the CDE part of the question was more out of curiosity.)

again, many thanks, your help is much appreciated! this list is still the
one with the highest signal-to-noise-ratio.


original question:
> yesterday, i resurrected a e420 we have here, and installed a
> vanilla sol9.
> the machine will be used as DNS server only. now, my question is:
> is it safe
> to disable everything RPC? what needs RPC on sol9? does CDE depend on it?
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