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Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 20:57:43 EDT
Hello Gurus,
I have succeeded in connection of the two Netra T1 AC200 box
by great helps from Pierre Zimmerm, Homan, Celeste Stokely,
Debbie Tropiano, Michael.Homsey, Bertrand_Hutin, Glass,
Darren Beale,Davorin Bengez. Many thanks to them.
The solution is to make a null modem cable like this,

Then connect the cable in my host Netra to the B port 
and plug the cable in the LOM port (portA) of remote Netra.
#tip hardwire

Thanks again to all the people who give me great helps.

Best regards,


The original message is as follows,

wen> Hi, all,
wen> Sorry,I did not mention the hardware.
wen> Both of my Solaris8 box are Netra T1 AC200 Server with a Serial A/LOM port
wen> and Serial B port. They have no 9-pin or 25-pin D-type port. 
wen> My question is how to connect the two Serial A/LOM ports or two Serial
wen> B ports in order to use KSLD. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
wen> Regards,
wen> -Wen
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