SUMMARY#2: tmpfs bytes/inode ratio?

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 23:36:24 EDT
Thanks to Bill Cullen for solving my problem relating to running out of
inodes on tmpfs.  He sent through this reference on google groups:

   >>Is it possible to increase the number of inodes in a tmpfs
   >Only by magic in /etc/system. I think the right location to
   >modify is "tmpfs_maxkmem" and that it is about 240 * the inode
   >limit. The default value increases with the physical memory size.

   I just got round to testing this (Solaris 2.6, SPARCstation 5).

     set tmpfs:tmpfs_maxkmem = 3600000

   to /etc/system does indeed cause "df -t /tmp" to show a limit of
   precisely 15000 inodes.

This wasn't 100% accurate by Solaris 2.8; I had to allocate 368 bytes
per inode, however the tmpfs:tmpfs_maxkmem is the key;

   set tmpfs:tmpfs_maxkmem = 12058624

gives 32768 inodes shared across all mounted tmpfs filesystems on
Solaris 2.8.

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