SUMMARY: Print error: Printer does not exist

From: doug_cooper <>
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 05:52:18 EDT
Dear All,

Many thanks to Elizabeth Lee who suggested stopping &
restarting the lpsched daemon:

# lpshut
# /usr/lib/lp/lpsched

and Sean Burke, who suggested deleting and recreating the
print queue:

# lpadmin -x GEB50JR1
# lpadmin -p GEB50JR1 -s geb50j!GEB50JR1

I tried both of these on their own & in combination with
each other, but nothing has made any difference. If anyone
has any further suggestions, they are gratefully received,
but at the moment I'm putting it down to (not my) network or
h/w problems.


Original post below:
Dear Sun-Managers,

I have an E5000 running Solaris 2.6 and have recently had
trouble printing to a remote printer. Attempts to send a
print job return message:

Error transferring print job 725
         check queue for (text@geb50j)

The printer is connected OK:

# ping geb50j
geb50j is alive

And lpstat reports correct information:

# lpstat -v GEB50JR1
system for GEB50JR1: geb50j (as printer text)
# lpstat -aGEB50JR1
GEB50JR1 accepting requests since May 21 14:28 2002

BUT lpstat -p gives this error:

# lpstat -p GEB50JR1
UX:lpstat: ERROR: Printer "GEB50JR1" does not exist.
          TO FIX: Use the "lpstat -p all" command to list
                  all known printers.

Attempts to enable the printer give this error:

# enable GEB50JR1
UX:enable: ERROR: Destination "GEB50JR1" is unknown to the
                  LP print service.

I am printing plain ascii text via lp. The printer has
worked fine for a long time, several months or even years,
but has just gone wrong yesterday. I can't find any
reference to these errors in the Sun documentation, so any
advice on how to fix this is much appreciated. I will

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