From: Don Jones <>
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 17:15:34 EDT
Thank you for all the answers:---- Original Message
>Hello all,>>I gave a user his own Ulra 2/Sol8 machine
so he

The answer is that the system IS using %100 of one
CPU, that's %50 of the 2 CPU!!.


>can run his processes without competing with other
>users.  The ultra 2 refuses to give that user more
>than 50% of the CPU!.. even when I user renice, 
>he still cannot get more than 50% of the cpu.   The
>same process would take up to 90% on other systems.
>Could this problem be caused by a tweek to the
>Is there a way to fix it so he can use the full
CPU>power?>>Thank you,>DJ
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