SUMMARY: Sun Certified Administrator

From: Atul Gore <>
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 19:48:19 EDT

Pardon me for replying late. I have been suffering for one of worst
allergy seasons this year. Anyway.

I have passed both exams for Solaris8, 310-011 and 310-012 successfully.
I did not buy any exam crams neighter any braindumps. and I would like to
take this opportunity to thank the following gurus for their help:

Greg Hitchcock
Joon Martin Hansen
Richard Skrabe
Tim Wort
Tony Tran
Amod Ozarkar
Doug Otto
Kevin Buterbaugh
Paul Foti

All the best to Mark Hargrave, Scott Pham, Steve Paige and Paul Wiggins
for your exams too.

Here is a list of pointers which I received:

Manual: Solaris 8 Network Administrator Certification training guide, by
Rafeeq Rehman,
with a Cdrom.
New Riders, ISBN 1-57870-261-5

My two-cent addition:

Thanks again All: -----------------------------------------------------
Best Regards... ... Atul


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