From: Erwin B. Mendoza <>
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 06:43:48 EDT
Hello everyone,

Most of the replies are advised me to set it in my .profile or
/etc/profile...... Actually, from my /etc/profile, it doesn't have the
defined MANPATH, so I've viewed it from my environment variables the
original path for the MANPATH and then added it to my /etc/profile
because it is our global profile........ Someone also suggested that try
to run the command "find / -name man -type d -print 2>/dev/null", so
what I did is defined all the directories that had manual pages........

Anyway, many thanks to all who replied to my queries especially to:
Lennon, Padraig 
Pierre Zimmermann 
Glass, David
Tan Tshun Kiat 
Toby Gollop 
Anthony Worrall 
Spencer Hoffman
Martynas Buozis
Martin Carpenter 
Schmitt, Martin
Patrick Li
Geoff Reed

and also to moderator of this group......

Thanks and more Power.....



I have installed some packages in my Solaris Box. I'm trying to use the
MAN page for an application but I've received "No manual entry for

How will I put it in my PATH? And also, could you give some directory
list where I can see some MAN pages that are not included in the
PATH..... I've seen that there's some directory located in my
/usr/local/man, is this the only one who are not in my automatic MAN
page in PATH?......

Thanks and more power.......

 Best Regards,

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