[SUMMARY]: adaptec scsi 2940 on solaris sparc

From: Gerard Henry <Gerard.Henry_at_cmi.univ-mrs.fr>
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 09:54:23 EDT
Thanks to all who respond:
Steve Mickeler <steve@neptune.ca>

adaptec don't support this card on sparc
perhaps on sparc/solaris until solaris 2.6 (i have solaris 8) with 
driver adp?

I forgot to consult sunmanagers archives, this question already appears 
and it is the same answer now.

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>>Subject: adaptec scsi 2940 on solaris sparc
>>i have a scsi card from adaptec:AHA-2940U2W.
>>I installed it on sun blade 100 with a drive.
>>probe-scsi-all say nothing.
>>When i did
>>ok show-devs, i see something about scsi
>>when i boot, there is only this message:
>>May  2 12:15:20 atarnajuat scsi: [ID 193665 kern.info] sd0 at uata0: 
>>target 1 lun 0
>>but i am unable to use this disk.(with format, or iostat -En).
>>Anybody know if this card works on solaris sparc? IIvisit 
>>adaptec web, 
>>but there is nothing about this card and solaris.
>>TIA,,i will resume.
>>Gerard HENRY
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