summary: chmod'ed /usr, can't login

From: Elizabeth Jones <>
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 08:54:19 EDT
Thanks for all the suggestions. Almost everyone said to put a system
cd in and boot cdrom -s; however I didn't have physical access to
this server, it is in Georgia and I'm in Kansas. Apparently there
is no backdoor fix for this type of problem. I was able to have
a SUN support tech go out and fix it, thank goodness for platinum
support! Also, the problem wasn't with /usr. When I chmod'ed 740 *
in /, I didn't realize that this would follow soft links and change
the mode of the directories that were actually being linked to - so
I actually had a problem in /usr/bin and /lib, because these had
links under /. Once these were fixed everything was copacetic.

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