Summary: Another question on veritas - this time with support

From: Paul LaMadeleine <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 12:45:01 EDT

         Well, there looks to be four major opinions on this:

         1)  Swap the ID prom from the failed board to the new board - Is 
this supported by Sun Service or would it nullify our service contract for 
this system

         2)  Have a tmp license around at all times.  These expire about a 
month after issue so you'll need to set up a process for keeping them current

         3)  If you have the expensive 24/7 support for Veritas, they'll 
issue a tmp license at all hours

         4)  Run in a cluster so if you lose one system you're not down at 
all.  What are people's opinion's of sun cluster?  I run VMS clusters and 
True 64 clusters here already and thier great - how would a sun cluster 

         thanks for everyone's input.


At 08:57 AM 4/16/02 -0400, Paul LaMadeleine wrote:
>         What do you generally do when you are running veritas on a 
> 24/7/365 box and lose a system board over a weekend?  I noticed that I 
> sent in the wrong host ID when submitted the request for a reg number 
> when I tried to install this weekend.  When I tried to get this fixed 
> over the weekend, no one was there to handle the request.  This did not 
> really bother me as this box is not in production yet - I was just tring 
> to get some work done.
>         But it lead to thinking that when this system goes into 
> production, what do I do if I have a hardware issue and hostid changes 
> over a weekend?
>         Thanks,
>         Paul
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