SUMMARY: Solaris 8 native LDAP hangs when LDAP server is down

From: George Dimitriadis <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 04:42:20 EDT
I've received two responses. According to these responses
one reason for nscd crashing is a emtpy gecos field.

According to the same responses the problems with nscd
have been solved with solaris 8 02/02.

Concerning the problem with LDAP, it seems that it is
a known bug but unfortunately will be solved in solaris 9.

George D.

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Subject: Solaris 8 native LDAP hangs when LDAP server is down

We are trying to use Solaris 8 native LDAP
with Iplanet Directory Server 4.12.

We have inserted the following into

passwd:     files ldap [TRYAGAIN=2]
group:      files ldap [TRYAGAIN=2]

We have observed that in case the LDAP server
is down we are unable to login to the machine.

Furthermore, any use of commands that uses
"getpwent" hangs since the LDAP is not available.

Even when the LDAP server is up, nscd is dying
periodically which in turn increases the load
of the system.

Has anybody observed tha same behavior ? Any
workarounds/fixes would be appreciated.

George D.
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