SUMMARY: kernelconfig tool?

From: Bernt Christandl <beb_at_MPA-Garching.MPG.DE>
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 02:53:52 EDT
Hello managers,

i've asked for a (possibly graphical) tool to look for the values
of solaris kernel parameters. (see below)

I got several kind responses pointing me to sysdef and adb,
but that was not what i was looking for. With sysdef and adb
you need to know very exactly what you are looking for and how
to do it for each special case.

What i'm remembering is a graphical tool (kernelconfig?)
-maybe part of some commercial software?- which i have seen
for at least solaris-2.5.1/2.6 (About 3 years ago)
When starting this tool, a window came up where you could choose
one of the groups of kernel-parameters and then the complete group
with all parameters was displayed with their actual value and
-if possible- a field to set a new value. Of course as a result
the /etc/system file has been edited then.

This tool was much more comfortable and concise than sysdef and adb!
And -if i remember correctly- this tool had some builtin knowledge
about dependencies of parameters and changed depend parameters
in a consistent way.

Is noone else using this or a similar tools?
Are all of you admins out there kernel-gurus?

With best regards,

Bernt Christandl


my question was:
Hello managers,

again after quite some time i should set a kernel parameter
in /etc/system and reboot my machine to activate it.

I would like to look at the actice value of that parameter before.
How do i do this? 

I seem to remember a tool (kernelconfig?) which has brought up 
a (tcl?)-window displaying all or many of the system-parameters
separated into the various groups. And it was possible to 
change dynamical parameters directly with this tool and set
the static ones for the next reboot.

I can't find that tool anymore. :(
Obviously i've forgotten some necessary things.
What would you do to look at the value-in-use of the parameter
semsys:seminfo_semmap  (for example)?

With regards,

Bernt Christandl

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