SUMMARY - Data Overwrite

From: McIntosh Alan-R54071 <>
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 18:59:57 EDT

Thanks to:

system administration account
Steve Camp
Gaziz Nugmanov
Jay Lessert
renny koshy

Most indicated that the ability to accomplish this task is relatively
impossible due to the fact that the users data is spread throughout
the filesystem.

However, Steve Camp was kind enough to provide a 'proprietary'
C program, which appears to do exactly what I require.  Many thanks
to you Steve, it works flawlessly!!

Another user suggested:
	May be something like this:

	rm -rf /home/sensitive/user

	while true
  		dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/sensitive/user/$RANDOM count=100
Which is suppose to work in a 'bash' shell, but I never tried it, Thanks anyway!

Original Message:

I am looking for a method to overwrite the blocks that confidential
data resides on after the archival of a users home directory.  I have
been able to find methods of wiping an entire disk, but not just a
specified area on the disk.

Such as:

tar cvf - /users/homer | 'cd /storage; tar xf -'
dd if=/dev/zero of=/users/homer
dd if=/dev/null of=/users/homer

These do not work do to the fact that homer is a directory.  Is there
a way to accomplish this without replacing anything else on the disk
except the data that was archived?

Alan McIntosh
IT - UNIX Systems Administrator

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