SUMMARY: ntop pkg format for Solaris 2.6

From: Carlos Sevillano <>
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 09:48:32 EDT
Thanks to all who replied:

Joe Matusiewicz <>
Min Oo Tint <>
"Boldin, Bob" <>
Jay Lessert <>
"Kent Hundley" <> 
Michael Kalus <>

The general consensus was to download it from  However, 
there is no Solaris 2.6 ntop package there.  They have Solaris 7/8.  The 7/8 versions 
fail on Solaris 2.6 with errors related to; even with the correct 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH you get a wrong version error(s).  I also searched other sites on 
the net: no luck.

I tried from source (on 2.6) but it failed.  From On 2.6 when it 
compiled.. it cored a few times.  Got to try it again... it compiles clean on Solaris 8!

Other people wrote asking if I could forward the package once found.  Someone did 
send-me a working Solaris 2.6 pkg format copy of ntop.  I would hate for the person 
who provided a 2.6 version to become the source of unsolicited emails.  For those 
people that asked, I forwarded the package.  The version install under /opt and it 
works (in this version you must user ./ntop -w 3000; unlike in Solairs 7/8 versions).


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