SUMMARY: Storedge 6960 configuration for backup

From: Patricio Mora <>
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 08:31:05 EST
Jeff Thomas wrote:

> We are looking at the 6960 ourselves; I do know that Sun uses the Vicom virtualization engine as part of its 6960 solution.  You can research some of the functionality issues at

Thanks, Jeff. Although not extended in particular details is a clarifier source for SAN and the SVE functionalities, including backup.
To the list: can't summarize until the 6960 arrives and start fighting with it, I think.

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> Subject: Storedge 6960 configuration for backup
> > Hello all. We are in the way of buying a Sun Storedge 6960 SAN with 4 SVE
> (virtualizators) and 2 sixteen connections optical fiber switches, and have
> some doubts about its functional concepts and configuration. We will connect
> 2 Sun machines to it, one our production server (P) and other our backup
> server (B) with Solstice Backup 6.1., a DLT jukebox and some NT servers.
> >
> > 1.- Is the SVEs set equivalent to a Raid manager for an A1000 for example,
> where you can configure the RAID LUNs s you want, plus the added
> functionality of exporting them to certain hosts, like Volume Manager does?
> >
> > 2.- How will we be able to save the production filesystems (huge Oracle
> datafiles), served by the SVEs to P, directly from B ?. I mean, are we going
> to be able to see the same luns from both servers? or we'll have to start
> playing with detaching from P, attaching to B, saving, detaching from B, and
> reattaching to P? We'll have no gigabit interfaces or switches, so network
> will be 100 mbps, and we would like to make use of the FO connections'
> speed.
> >
> > 3.- Same doubts in the case of a LUN served to a NT machine with
> filesystem in NTFS format.
> >
> > Sorry for my ignorance, but we cannot find here a clear explanation for
> these questions. Many thanks.
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