Summary - add two drive to one mount point

From: Wolfgang Schwurack <>
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 16:45:57 EST
Thanks to everyone for there responses.

The question is below

> I am trying to add more space to a mount point. I have a 36gb drive
> mounted on /nsr (c0t10d0s0) I would like to add a 9gb drive to the
> mount point (/nsr) to make a total mount point 45 gb. Is this possible

> and how do I get started or were can I find information on this?

I was able to do this with DiskSuite this made the mount point /nsr from
36gb to 45gb
Note: I had two 36gb and one 9gb drives and there was no data on one of
the 36gb and on the 9gb, then I ufsdump the data over the new mount

here are the steps

 # metadb -a -f -c 2 c0t11d0s0 c0t12d0s0
 # metainit d16 2 1 c0t11d0s0 c0t12d0s0
 # newfs /dev/md/rdsk/d16
 # fsck /dev/md/rdsk/d16
 # mount /dev/md/dsk/d16 /nsr2
 # ufsdump 0f - /dev/rdsk/c0t10d0s0 | (cd /nsr2; ufsrestore xf -)

/dev/dsk/c0t10d0s0    35006272  19189979  15466231  55% /nsr

/dev/md/dsk/d16       43715252  19189978  24088122  44% /nsr

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