[Interim Summary] Security Login banner under CDE

From: Wimmer, Jeffrey <Wimmer.Jeffrey_at_LittonISD.com>
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 16:44:58 EST
I have received over 15 responses.....the majority of folks pointed out
my error of not 
putting a \n at the end of each line to indicate a new line.  This
worked for me.  I do, however 
want to check out some X based motd type solutions.  I will provide a
final summary when
I have that worked out.  By the way, this method worked for Solaris 8
version of Xresources,
but the Solaris 2.6 banner is chopped off at the top and bottom of the
banner....so maybe the
X based motd solution will fix that.
I will  keep everyone informed......
Those providing assistance and solutions so far are:
Vern Walls
G Carr
Annette Lee
Brian Dunbar
D Hoff
Peter Laws
Michael Maxwell
John Douglass
Johathan Church
Thomas Jones
Daniel Lorenzini
Thanks guys and gals.....

Jeffrey G. Wimmer. 
Network Engineer/System Admin 
wimmer.jeffrey@littonisd.com <mailto:wimmer.jeffrey@littonisd.com>  
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