From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 19:20:34 EST
Hi again gurus.
Well, I finally get to post the final results.  First let me say thanks to
all the wonderful people who sent me email for my first posting, and
subsequent PARTIAL SUMMARY postings.
Some of the responses (since the last partial summary): run ldd on the
binaries to see what libraries were being used.  That tells me the
libraries, but I'm still not sure what packages support what libraries.
Others were wondering if I was using the entropy tool and the /dev/random
packages.  I am now.  Others suggested to compile my own binaries.  I have
done that before, but I couldn't even get gcc to work so that was out of the
question (until today however - explanation later).  Also, I was asked if I
did the installation EXACTLY as shown on sunfreeware.  Yes, I did, but that
didn't get ssh to work.  It did help me with other things, though.  Don't
ignore this document.
I want to say special thanks to Alex Strode who sent me a tarball with ssh.
Works like a charm.  Thanks, Alex!   Next, thanks to Kris Haislip, who
pointed out a package that also runs right as soon as you install it (no seg
faults) at (one nice thing about the package from this site
is that it installed in /usr/local/bin, not /usr/local/ssh).  Next, thanks
to Ray McCaffity, who told me about how gcc before 3.X has a lot of
utilities built in, but 3.x doesn't (plus 2.X is exploitable (Steve Mickeler
told me about that).  Also, Ray mentioned if using 3.X, to download and
install binutils because of these missing utilities.  Once I got these
utilities installed, then gcc started working.  This leads me to the last
issue I had.  I came up with the answer a little on my own and with a little
help from a few folks.  This has to do with the version of Solaris
installed.  I had originally used the Core version.  Turns out you need the
Developer version to get the libraries (Disk 2 of 2 for the Solaris 8
installation is where these guys live).  I reinstalled Solaris with
Developer version and a lot of the missing tools were then available.
Thanks again for everybody's input.
Grant Lowe
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