SUMMARY: sol2.6 /dev/ksyms woes?

From: Mark Farone <>
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 13:11:08 EST
The problem was solved by adding this entry to /etc/system:

set kobj_map_space_len=0x300000

On Solaris 2.6, the space set aside in memory for kernel objects (such 
as drivers) is a fixed size.  The more objects you have mapped, the more 
space you may need.  This increases the size 3 fold.

In Solaris 7 and beyond, kernel object space is dynamically allocated.


Mark Farone wrote:

> The 3/11/2002 2.6 Recommended patch cluster was applied to a Solaris 2.6
> installation on an E4500.  Among other things, this brought the kernel
> to rev 31 (105181-31).  (There's a 3/18/2002 version of the cluster that
> only appears to ahve one additional patch 105591-14).
> After the machine was restarted, it seems as if we're having problems
> with anything that accesses /dev/ksyms.  Binaries such as modinfo,
> netstat, arp, etc.  The binary will stall and hang.  The process won't
> release even with a kill -9.
> I found this old 1999 sun mgrs article regarding 2.5.1 which shows
> similar symptoms between /dev/ksyms and the kernel module loader:
> I'm in the process of opening a case with Sun, but I'm wondering if
> anyone else has seen this problem with the latest cluster.
> Thanks for any help or info,
> Mark

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