[Summary] SVM metadevice rename (used to be SDS)

From: Jason Feilbach <jfeilbach_at_novell.com>
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 16:37:58 EST
I figured it out. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. Usually I have
someone to thank. Here is the solution.

metaclear is non destructive to data on the disks. 

for each device I did (I had to use the -f):
metaclear -f d109

then readded the soft partition using the offset and block size so I
did not change the overlap or position of any existing partition or
slice. metainit is destructive if it is not exactly the way it was
before on the disk:

metainit d101 -p c3t64d0s0 -o 5421 -b 37748736

Original Question:
When I first brought up a system and configured its disks I specified
them as c3t64d10 ... etc..

Due to a complicated matter, the unit offset on the SAN controllers
these disks are attached to changed are now they are showing up as d0
instead of d10. So, now they are c3t64d0 instead of c3t64d10. This is
the cause of a problem.

I used soft partitions in SVM 4.2.1 and now they are trying to mount a
non-existent drive. Metastat is reporting the old D10. Modifying
/etc/lvm/md.cf has no effect because that information is stored in the
metadb. After reading the entire 4.2.1 manual I am still stumped. I
suppose I could use the "metarename -x" command but I am not certain.

My question is how do I change the metadb information so my
now point to the new disk target (d0) instead of the old disk target
(d10) ? Thanks in advance. I will summarize.

I would like this to change from d10 to d0:
metastat output currently:

metastat d109
d109: Soft Partition
    Component: c3t64d10s0
    State: Okay
    Size: 37748736 blocks
        Extent              Start Block              Block count
             0                301995317                 37748736

What it should be:

metastat d109
d109: Soft Partition
    Component: c3t64d0s0
    State: Okay
    Size: 37748736 blocks
        Extent              Start Block              Block count
             0                301995317                 37748736
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