SUMMARY: What did I delete? Followup

From: White, Bob <>
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 12:27:28 EST
Ahhhhhh!   It's so easy when you see it in hindsight.

Vern Walls hit the exact answer.  Somehow the root directory had gotten
changed to nothing.  Vern suggested using su, then editing the /etc/passwd
file to check for the problem, and then fix it.  The line should look like:

root:x:0:1:Super User:/:/bin/sh

Thanks to Vern and all who offered suggestions.

Original post:
> Some time back I modified some files and deleted some things, as per a
> request from my ever so helpful Computer Security Department. 
>  Now I can't
> seem to log into a command line screen using my root account.
> The system is a Sun Solaris 2.6.  I can log into the CDE with 
> no problem,
> just not a command line screen.

Probably left off the most important piece of information - the error
message that I get.  I get a username prompt, type in 'root' and press
and get this:
cannot chdir to , errno=2

As I am the manager of the system, whatever happened, I did it, and can
only hope I can undo it.

Again, thanks much for any replies.

Bob White
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