SUMMARY: Any study material on Crash and Recovery

Date: Sat Mar 23 2002 - 12:53:51 EST
Thanks to the following
Hichael Morton <>
Todd Urie <>
Sean <>
Marc Alvidrez <>

It was recommended to read the following books.
1.The Practice of System and Network Administration by Thomas A. Limoncelli
and Christine Hogan.  It
was recently reviewed over at
2.On crashes, PANIC! UNIX System Crash Dump Analysis Handbook by Chris
3.On recovery, the best (IMO) is UNIX Backup and Recovery by W. Curtis
4.Solaris Internals by Rich McDougal and Jim Mauro and Unix Internals by
Vahila <SP> as good reads.
 The Vahila is painful whereas the McDougal's/Mauro's is not quite so
bad and tuned specifically for Solaris.

Mr. Todd Urie suggested the following  This is a commercial
website, but it also has refereces to and includes free resources, including
books and other references.

You might try this article also:
Here's another one on the same site:

And one more is:

Thanks to everyone again


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Subject: Any study material on Crash and Recovery

> Respected Sys. Admns:
> I am a budding Syst. Admn.
> I want to get insight in to crash & recovery. But I am not finding any
> specific material on this. I request you to provide me details on books,
> website links, your experiences, etc on this very important topic crash
> recovery.
> will summarize.
> Thanks in advance.
> G.Sunil
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