[SUMMARY]: SunFire 280r interface oddness (jumpstart)

From: Scott Kapel <skapel_at_k12.com>
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 09:42:22 EST
Many thanks to Scott Howard who pinpointed the problem exactly:

>It's not a comms problem.
>The 280R has FC-AL disks, which will end up being on c1, with the SCSI
>on c0.
>There's a bug in the scripts which detect the disk size, and they will be
>picking up the CD-ROM as the bootdisk, and this setting the bootdisk size
>0Mb.  (It will still try and install it on the right disk, it's just when
>it's reading rules.ok that it screw up)
>Quick fix - Change the rules file not to use bootdisk size, but instead
>something like hostname.
>Real fix - There's a patch on Sunsolve which you need to apply to the
>miniroot which fixes this problem.  I think this patch has been included
>in Sol8 02/02, although I haven't confirmed that yet.
>  Scott.

>>On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 05:42:29PM -0500, Scott wrote:
>> I'm trying to jumpstart a SunFire 280r, but am having odd behavior with
>> the interfaces. Jumpstart fails w/ "Cannot find matching rule in
>> rules.ok" which is a pretty good indication that there is a
>> communication problem. When I bail out of the jumpstart install and do
>> an ifconfig -a, I see this:
>> 1500 index 1
>>         inet netmask ffff0000 broadcast
>>         ether 0:3:ba:f:fc:ee
>> lo0: flags=1000849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4> mtu 8232 index 2
>>         inet netmask ffff0000
>> 1500 index 3
>>         inet netmask ffff0000
>>         ether 0:e0:8b:0:0:0
>> It may be insignificant, but it seems odd to me that eri0 is first and
>> lo0 is second. I've just never seen that before. Also, the netmask for
>> lo0 is instead of
>> The client does not seem to be communicating nfs traffic with the
>> jumpstart server. I have confirmed the jumpstart server works correctly
>> by jumpstarting several other machines. Any thoughts or suggestions
>> would be appreciated.
>> Scott
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