From: Ollie Fagan <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 04:40:42 EST
Original question:

I've searched through the archive of this excellent list looking for a
solution to my specific problem but to no avail.
U450, 4 x 480Mhz CPU, 4GB RAM, Toshiba DVD ROM.

I've come across the common "MMU Miss" caused by the upgrade to the 480Mhz
CPU/8mb cache.

This machine is a reconditioned one so it has no OS out of the box. From my
readings of the "MMU Miss" postings I need to upgrade the PROM from 3.16 to
the latest before I can install the O/S. I've ftp'd the required patches
from and create both a CDR and floppy containing the latest
PROM update. Following the PROM upgrade instructions at the ok> prompt I
enter "boot cdrom /flash-update-450-latest" command to update the PROM.
Whenever I do this, using either the floppy or CDROM as the boot source, I
get the following errors displayed after the reset:
"Bad magic number in disk label"
Can't open disk label package
Evaluating: boot cdrom /flash-update-450-latest

Can't open boot device"

My problem is from what I understand I cannot install Solaris 2.6 OS without
first upgrading the PROM from 3.16 to the latest 3.22. But since I cannot
boot from either the CDR or floppy containing the flash update I'm stuck.

PROM version 3.16 does not support the "limit-ecache-size" command but
"ecache-size". I've also tried using this to set the used cache size before
trying the install without the PROM upgrade but to no avail.

I assumed the problem was the way the CD was burned but I have the same
problem with the floppy. I formatted, copied the file and viewed the floppy
on another e450 and it looks fine.

Any suggestions/experience greatly appreciated. Is it a problem with the DVD

A number of useful suggestions. Responses below with thanks to:
Tony Walsh, Ruff Poffenger, Richard Place and Joe Fletcher.

I neglected to mention in my original post that I was trying to install
Solaris 2.6.

The problems identified were twofold:
1. The PROM patch cannot be installed from the CDROM or floppy as they're
not recognised as bootable devices. The suggestion was to boot from the O/S
CD, create a partition on one of the drives and copy the PROM patch onto it.
Or create a boot disk in another machine slot it into the e450 and use
boot -r to add this device.

2. The second, most successful solution is with thanks to Joe Fletcher. He
had guessed that I was using an old version of Solaris (2.6 5/98) as the
boot/install cdrom. This version does not support 480Mhz CPUs. I've
successfully booted and begun installation using Solaris 7 11/99.
Once the O/S is installed the PROM upgrade can be performed. The OS has no
dependency on the PROM version. This is important as it wasn't mentioned in
any of the other "MMU Miss" error postings.

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