SUMMARY: cdrom not configured

From: Richard Grace <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 01:01:36 EST
After a lot of trying to mount, reboot, kill vold, restart vold and
boot from install media, nothing suggested seemed to work. The
server also would not boot from CD.

Suggestions included:
  Mounting the CD manually.
  A vold troubleshooting guide.

I switched off the mains supply for the machine in an effort to try
everything from scratch, and hey-presto, all was OK once more.

Solution:  Mains power cycle, followed by boot -r.



>>> "Richard Grace" <> 21/03/02 14:46:52 >>>
Hi all.

I've just jumpstarted an E450, and found that I have no cdrom!

  # uname -a
  SunOS server1 5.7 Generic_106541-18 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4
  # ls /cdrom
  /cdrom: No such file or directory
  # eject cdrom0
  cdrom0: No such file or directory

Both SUNWvolr and SUNWvolu are installed.  I have a running vold
process, and no entries in /var/adm/vold.log or in /var/adm/messages.

I've not been able to find out if the system is missing any required
packages, or if all devices were detected correctly.  I did note
that there was a bug with vold in 106541-14, but I've got a later
kernel.  Or perhaps this does still apply?

Exactly which packages are required for removable media and vold
to work correctly?

Searching the archives & faq has not resulted in anything relevant.

Richard Grace
Unix Systems Administrator
AAPT Limited
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