SUMMARY: JASS and Jumpstart

From: jdickert <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 09:57:04 EST

The problem was an oversight on my part in the rules file.  I had left out the 
'-' place holder for the begin script.

karch   sun4u        Profiles/end-user.profile       Drivers/secure.driver

karch   sun4u   -       Profiles/end-user.profile       Drivers/secure.driver

Works great.

>===== Original Message From jdickert <> =====
>I'm trying to setup as much security on my Ultra 30 clients running Solaris 8
>as possible and I tried installing jass-0.3.5 to the jumpstart root directory
>as advised int he install docs.  Jumpstart was working fine before but now it
>gets to the OpenWindows Install console to the point that it completes the
>sysidns the flashes a bunch of stuff across the screen and sits there.
>Any suggestions on what to look for?  I've checked root passwords, netmasks,
>hosts and ethers files.  the rules.ok file checks out fine and the
>partitioning is explicit.  I'm using the same as the sysidcfg file that was
>working fine before jass.
>Jim Dickert
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