SUMMARY: SC2.2 - Terminal Concentrator

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 04:47:11 EST
Thanks to several respondents - all of whom confirmed
that it *IS* possible to build a 2 node SC2.2 cluster without
a terminal concentrator. There are some minor caveats, but
these will not prevent me from making progress.

Thanks again.

Stsve Jones


Original message follows:

I want to build a two-node cluster testbed with SC2.2.
I have 2 servers suitable for clustering - each has
sufficient LAN/SCSI adaptors; I also have a couple of
D1000 enclosures. To reflect the production rig, I
would wish to use SDS as the volume manager.

Given this specific configuration (2 nodes, SDS), do
I absolutely, positively _have_ to have a terminal
concentrator? The install guide goes to some
length to describe the role played by the LTC
in failure fencing and as a nodelock device, but
none of these scenarios apply to a 2 node cluster
with SDS.

Bottom line is, I don't actually have a spare LTC
Question is, can I set up a test cluster, in the
manner described, without one?
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