[SUMMARY] E450 - disks visible under Solaris 8 aren't under 2.6

From: Rugman, Rob <rrugman_at_sonusnet.com>
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 09:47:19 EST
Many thanks for all the responses - too many to list in fact.
Among the suggestions were:
check sd.conf 
check the hardware was available with probe-scsi-all
apply the latest recommended patch set
apply patch 105375-10 (+ dependencies)
It turns out that although I had applied the latest patch set, the
underlying package SUNWses (SCSI enclosure services) was not installed...
once again thanks to those that responded, without attempting to re-install
patch 105375-10 it would have taken a lot longer to track this down.
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Subject: E450 - disks visible under Solaris 8 aren't under 2.6

I've recently been tasked with downgrading an E450 from Solaris 8 to 2.6.
I've installed 2.6 to spare partitions and while it boots and everything
appears to be fine, a number of 36GB disks that are visible under the old OS
are not visible from the new one.  I have tried boot -r and updating the
flash to the latest version but to no avail.  Any suggestions gratefully
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