summary: ELF error on ssh

From: lito a. lampitoc <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 23:42:57 EST
Thank you very much to all who replied:

this error is cause by a bug on GNU binutils particularly on strip. The
following workaround are:

1. Edit the main Makefile and for all instances where you see
${INSTALL} installing a binary, remove the "-s" option. This
option strips the binary, and for some reason causes this
problem. It also causes problem on SGI's running IRIX.

2. mv /usr/local/strip /usr/local/gstrip
then all your compiles will use /usr/ccs/bin/strip.
As an alternative, create '/usr/local/strip'
/usr/local/gstrip $*
/usr/local/gztrip $*

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