Summary: Sun secondary interface

From: ltiu <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 19:51:18 EST
The mystery remians unsolved but the person who sold me the card has agreed 
to replace it.

The story is:

Card A - a built in le0 Ethernet card in a Sun IPX (primary).

Card X - an SBUS Ethernet/FastSCSI card model 501-2015 in a Sun IPX 

Card B - ISA Ethernet card in a x86 pc.

Card C - A PCMCIA Card in a laptop.

Card D - A PCI Ethernet card in a x86 pc.


1) Card X connected to Card B. Carrier signal detected ( lights are on ).
Card X can ping Card B
Card X can get a DHCP address from Card B
Card X can mount an nfs share from Card B

Card B cannot ping Card X
Card B cannot telnet into Card X

2) Card X connect to Card C. NO Carrier signal ( no lights ).

3) Card X connected to Card D. No Carrier signal ( no lights ).

4) Card A, B, C and D all work with each other. Card A connected to Card B 
works and card C connected to Card D works plus all the other combinations 
you can think off with 4 cards.

Thanks for all the help.

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