SUMMARY: Problem with 100Mbs network

From: Helen Petropoulos <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 13:11:44 EST
Hello everyone,

Many, many thanks to those who responded and I've listed those individuals
at the end of this message.  I failed to mention in my original email that
we are using an Extreme switch.  Apparently, Cisco switches require
special attention when changing the network over to 100Mbs.

The bottom line is that the le0 interface on the SS20 is capable of only
communicating at 10Mbs.  After playing with the ndd utility, I've forced
the Ultra 10 to communicate at 10Mbs until we can get a new network card
for the SS20.

Best regards,


People who emailed me:

Samir Sethi
Ed Mitchell
Ron Dinwiddie
Randy Romero
Sean Berry
Don Werve
Jay Lessert
Dave Landsiedel
Bryan Moore
David Harrington
Steve Hammond
Keith Tarbell
Vern Walls
Uwe Wank
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On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Helen Petropoulos wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Recently we were upgraded froma 10Mbs network to a 100Mbs network.  I have
> an NFS server which is an Ultra10 and a couple of clients, one of which is
> a SPARCstation 20.  The SPARCstation 20 keeps reporting that the NFS
> server doesn't respond and then it comes back and then it doesn't respond
> again, etc.  The network on the NFS server is uninterrupted, though.  Is
> there something that I have to reconfigure on the older suns?
> Thanks,
> Helen
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