SUMMARY: Trouble connecting console to Netra 20

From: Gary Richardson <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 14:37:55 EST
Hi all,

Gotta love this list. Sun's been scratching their heads for 3 days now, but
within 1/2 hour of sending my email I had more than a dozen replies. Thanks

Suggestions varied. Some thought it should just work with the straight thru
that I use with my older Netra's. Some said "Windows Hyperterm sucks". I
tend to agree with you guys, but since it worked with my older Netra's I
wanted to stick with it. :-)

So, although I said I'd tried the Cisco cable, I'm now wondering if I did or
not. A couple people replied to me and said the Cisco cable witll work.
Based on their advice, I took the flat, black RJ45 cable that we got with
our routers, plugged one end into the RJ45 port on the LOM board, and the
other into a DB9 connecter, which in turn plugged into serial port A of my
PC and, voila!, there's the lom> prompt!

I'm not sure what the pinout of that cisco cable is, but some have told me
it's some various of a crossover/null modem cable. Regardless, I'm keepin'
that cable nearby from now on!

For those of you who will be getting the Netra 20's, when you're at the LOM
prompt, to get to the console prompt type in "console". Also, if you plug
into the LOM board and don't get a response, hit "#." (pound-dot). That'll
get you to the LOM prompt. Took me a while to find that info in the manual.

Another thing to be aware of... make sure you unplug the console cable from
the Sun  *BEFORE* closing Hyperterm. If you close hyperterm before
unplugging the cable it apparently sends a "break" down the line and puts
the Sun at the "ok" prompt. Either this is new to the Netra 20's or I've
always been unplugging from the Sun before closing Hyperterm (and this was
the first time I did it backwards). :-)

Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate the help!


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> Hi all,
> We just got in two brand new Netra 20's. I thought it'd be a breeze
> connecting the console and loading up the OS. But I connected 
> and got no response. The Netra 20 comes with an LOM board (Lights Out
> Management). In the docs it says that by default this port is 
> the console.
> So I connect to that. Nothing. 
> Supposedly I'm supposed to get an lom> prompt when connecting 
> to the LOM
> board. 
> I've tried a straight thru cable, crossover cable, and one of 
> those funky
> cisco RJ45 cables, but none of them worked with the LOM. I 
> also tried a
> straight thru, crossover, the cisco cable, and a null modem 
> cable on SERIAL
> A. Nothing. 
> I took the cable that I use to connect my PC to our Netra 
> 1125's (which
> works just fine) but that didn't work with the Netra 20. So 
> at least I know
> I was using a known good cable. 
> Does anyone know what the heck the trick is to get connected 
> to either the
> LOM port or SERIAL A on the Netra 20? The docs really stink. 
> They don't give
> much help or, if they do, I'm not easily finding the 
> information. I can't
> tell if I need a straight thru, crossover, etc...
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I got shuffled over to 
> my third Sun
> support engineer yesterday, so I'm losing confidence quickly 
> that Sun will
> be able to help me. 
> BTW, this is happening with BOTH Netra 20's so I seriously 
> doubt I'm dealing
> with a HW problem. 
> Thanks!
> -Gary
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