SUMMARY: Veritas Volume Manager - 1disk

From: Luisa Jorge <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 13:01:14 EST
Thanks to all that responded to my question: Justin Stringfellow; Debbie
Rusolo; Changa and Victor M. Fernandez Gomez.

Maybe I didn4t explain my problem very well - I just have one disk. Here,
usually we dont have this kind of problem, we also use SDS for boot disks and
VxVM for others; or encapsulate boot disk whith VxVM depending of what we want
to do...

But for this situation in particular I will follow Victor Gomez advice: use
soft partitions (patch 108693-06 ) of SDS 4.2.1.
I didnt know that SDS had this feature. (Most of machines that we have here
have solaris 2.6 and SDS 4.1 - yes, we are a little bit stoped in time... )

Knowing what to look for, I found information about it in sunmanagers
archives, and I give special atention to an interesting article in

Best Regards,

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  I have a Sun Balde 1000, with 2 internal disks of 18Gb running Solaris 8.
  This machine will be used for sybase, and, for now, I have to configure 4
raw devices(not in file system) and 4 file systems.
  This make 8 slices, so, I can4t use SDS (we want to have mirror, so we just
can use one disk).
  Now, there is my question, using  VxVM just having one disk, what should I
do? Encapsulate boot disk?
  It4s correct that I use VxVM? I don4t have any other machine to do this
work, and in this situation system and database will be on the same disk.
  DB administrators can4t tell me for shure how many raw devices they will
need (and they don4t want the database on file system for the performance).
What do you suggest me?

  I need to get this machine working as soon as possible.  Please
  help!  Send email and I will summarize to the list.

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