SUMMARY: E6500 locks up for no reason

From: Randy Romero <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 08:31:38 EST
Thanks to:

Lee Lazon
Chris Price
Karl Vogel
Tim Chipman
Joe Fletcher

This process took a couple of days to figure out.  I had to take the
server down during our maintenance window and attach a laptop as our
terminal.  Originally the server had a SUN monitor attached but it
would lock up as well when the server would lock up.  After attaching
the laptop, when the server went down again it provided me with enough
information to troubleshoot it.  The problem turned out to be a CPU having
ecache problems.  Once I replaced it, things were fine.  Thanks again to
all who helped.  Oh, and one last thing, as far as I could find
there is no VTS for Solaris 2.5.1.

Randy Romero

------Original Post-----------

> > Gurus,
> >    I have a E6500 which is locking up for no reason.  No core dumps.
> > Nothing.  The machine just dies and we have to power cycle it to get it
> > back.  Any hints where to look?  This server runs an informix db and
> > a legacy video services application.
> >
> > E6500
> > Solaris 2.5.1
> > 8gig ram
> > A5200 w/ 22x18g hd
> > VXVM 3.0.4
> >
> > Prtdiag -v isn't showing me any faults.  I need to schedule down time to
> > run VTS.  Am I correct to understand I can run VTS from the Solaris7 media
> > on this server?  Has anyone run across this or something similar that
> > could point me in the right direction?  Thanks in advance.  Will
> > Summerize.
> >
> > Randy Romero
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