Summary: Blade1000 fail

From: Evan Oulashin <>
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 16:42:10 EST
Thanks again to all who replied to this simple problem, Rick Dipper
the latest today.  Clearly a "wrong version of Solaris" problem;
the new Blade we just received in had a factory disk loaded with the
rather than 10/01 version, which seems a little flaky to me, but
Customer confirms that 10/01 solves all the problems.  Duh.

Original complaint: 
> >Single 900mhz "Copper" CPU, 2gb memory:
> >Quick n dirty:
> > Boot device: disk:b File and arg:
> > krtld: load_exec: fail to expand cpu/$CPU
> > krtld: error during initial load/ link phase
> > panid-boot: exitto64 return to client program
> > Program terminated
> >
> >Can anyone confirm this seems to look like incorrectly patched Solaris
> >for the Copper CPU?
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