SUMMARY: usable password length

From: Rick Francis <>
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 22:22:07 EST

1. 8 characters is limitation of CRYPT method of encryption that is still
in use on Solaris (I believe it is still like this for NIS
compatibility). In LDAP you have a choice of using a variety of encryption
methods (CRYPT,MD5,SHA).

2. It is possible to have passwords longer than 8 may change
the password format from crypt to anything else. Crypt means max. 8 and
min. 6 chars length. At least every LDAP Software are able to do this,
also iPlanet. See under

3. It will vary depending upon the ldap implementation. The userPassword
attribute may be defined differently on different ldap servers. On ours, for
instance (, it
defaults to 128 characters in length.

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re: sol8 and iplanet products like ldap and directory server...

just as the usable password length on sol8 is eight (8) characters...

do you know if the usable password length is still 8 for other ldap?


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