Summary: NIS+ Removing Non-Root Master

From: McGuire, Daniel C <>
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 21:40:48 EST
The procedure below ended up working to remove the non-root master.

I believe my original problem was that the 3rd nisrmdir was performed
before the others which cause problems.  After a few reboots we were
finally able to remove the non-root master domain.


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Subject: Re: NIS+ Removing Non-Root Master


Doesn't "nisgrpadm -r" work even on "masters"? I know that when I had to
a 'replica' I would first remove its directories (org_dir; groups_dir) with
"nisrmdir" command. If you use FNS, don't forget to check for a "ctx_dir" as

well. Also, the domain object (domainname.) should be the last one to be
and don't forget to include that last "dot"

Rootmaster# /usr/bin/nisrmdir -f -s <replica> org_dir.domainname. 
Rootmaster# /usr/bin/nisrmdir -f -s <replica> groups_dir.domainname. 
Rootmaster# /usr/bin/nisrmdir -f -s <replica> domainname. 
   Note: Use ending dots and do the domainname last. 
Next perform the following commands on the replica. 
     Replica# rm -rf /var/nis/* 
     Replica# rm /etc/.rootkey 
     Replica# rm /etc/defaultdomain 
     Replica# cp /etc/nsswitch.files /etc/nsswitch.conf 
     Replica# kill <PID_of_rpc.nisd> 
     Replica# kill <PID_of_nis_cachemgr> 
Like I said, I've never tried this on a "non-root" master but it sounds like

NIS+ should see it as a "replica", at least for removing it from the 

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