Summary: NIS / /etc/group / User Setup Question

From: Wesley Suess <>
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 11:57:52 EST
Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly.

My original question:

> I have a single group setup in my /etc/group file. It contains almost
> all the users I have. I want to break this group up into several smaller
> groups (separated by department), but for legacy purposes I need to
> maintain the larger group as well. Is it possible to have a group made
> up of other groups? If so, what is the syntax?
> I know I could merely create the new groups and then when new users come
> in I could just add the user to both the old large group and the
> department, but that's a silly way to do it, I think. Haveing a group of
> groups would make things a little cleaner/manageable I think.


You cannot create a group-of-groups. The solutions to
large-group-problems are:

1) Use netgroups and script around groups.


2) Create the other groups, but give them the same GID as the original
large group.

I will be using 2).

Thanks everyone! (Especially Fabrice, venki, and Matthew)

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