SUMMARY:Patch installation problem addition

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 06:05:57 EST

I also received a further mail which pointed out that '-d' is a bad idea as
no backout is possible!!

I also figured out it was the CD creation which converted the '-' in the
filename to '_'


Original Summary

Firstly thanks to all who replied with varying ideas, too many to list I am
pleased to say.

My original problem was that a patch (.zip file) I had downloaded would not
install. A few suggested

"patchadd -d patch_directory_path"

which did not work because I had unzipped it on a windows system before
writing the CD and the directory was 108528_13 which was created.

The following did work


Copy that file to /tmp

Go to /tmp dir

then try patchadd 108528-13


The reason was the zip file had '_' and the expansion had '-' in the patch
name, simple mistake with weird results.



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