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From: Tony Tran <>
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 15:12:17 EST
Original question at bottom:

Thanks to:
Mark McManus <mmcmanus@Houston.GeoQuest.SLB.COM>
"Connolly, Michael" <>
"Troy" <>
Michael Horton <>

The consensus is: Yes 370-3200 60ns will work, but it is better to get
the recommended part number for the Ultra 10 440 Mhz: 370-3798 (128 MB
50ns) or 370-3799 (256MB 50ns) because the 60ns memory is slower and is
designed for the UltraSPARC IIi chip with speed less than 360 Mhz.

As Troy put it:

Yes the 370-3200 or X7032A will work in the Ultra 10.  You should also
have any problems with mixing and matching the 50 and 60 ns memory.

According to the Memory Notes on page Memory-16 of the Sun FE Handbook:

The memory speed is 60ns if 50ns and 60ns is mixed, so the system will
treat all the memory as 60ns (slower speed).

Mike Horton also provided a Sun SE hint:. if you place the faster memory
in the bank "polled" last, the memory response will be faster than if
the slower memory is in that bank.

Bernd Dombro recommended using the correct memory (50ns) which is
X7038A (marketing part no) or 370-3798 (FE part number); or Kingston's
part number KTS7038/256

fyi, there is also info. on the Sun System Handbook online:


Original question:

Does 60ns memory (part number 370-3200) work with
Ultra 10 with 440 Mhz CPU? Is it supported?
Can I mix and match 60 ns with 50 ns memory on this Ultra 10?
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