SUMMARY : capturing the screen output at ok prompt.

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The detailed summary :

What you would need is a null modem cable which crosses over the 
transmit and receive pins of the serial cable. There are also null modem 
adapters to plug into a regular serial cable.

If you want to capture the boot up sequence of system1, I would (at 
powered off stage) remove the keryboard, plug one end of the null modem 
cable to system1's serial port 'A'. I would connect the other end of the 
null modem cable to system2's serial port 'B'. On system2, login and 
type the following:

script console-session
tip hardwire

  At this point, you will now be able capture all output from the 
console session of system1.

Note that tip has some interesting ways of exiting from the program. 
There are sequences which require some really fast typing of "~" and "." 
(for quitting tip) and "~" and "#" to send system1 a "Break" signal 
(which takes it to the "ok" prompt). Read the man page for tip before 
you use it.

Also, you'll need to exit from the script command or else you won't see 
any of the captured output.


Original Posting :


Is there any way to capture the output on the screen at OK prompt in Sun Solaris. we are using solaris 2.6

what exactly i mean is : 

		- setenv diag-switch?true
		- ok boot -r

Now what ever is comming on the screen, would be written or re-directed to a file. so that i can see the daignostic 
details at later times.

I would like to know whether this would be possible in sun solaris..?? If so, how to achieve this..??


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