SUMMARY: How do I get the WWN of an adaptor?

From: BAUMLER Julie L <>
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 19:17:52 EST
Now that I believe I've solved my fibre problems, here's a summary (original
message below).  
Patel, Rahulkumar suggested looking at /var/adm/messages for the WWN's of
the host's card, unfortunatly, depending on the system configuration, they
may not be there.  So the rest of this summary is how to find them when they
aren't in /var/adm/messages.  (BTW, make sure not to mistake the wwn's of
your disks for your cards if you have Fibre connected internal disks.)

Andrew McVey suggested looking in dmesg (same issue as messages) or in a
Brocade switch running the switchshow command.

Steve Mickeler suggested looking at the switch as well.

I discovered that if you are using SANsurfer (ie have a Sun/qLogic switch),
the ports need to be set to F-port before you can see the WWN.  (I needed to
use the cards in FC-AL mode.)

I also found out that if you have a Vicom router (FCFC-3), if you reset the
router, it will automatically recognize and determine the WWN's of your host
cards (but you lose any host configuration you already have, which wasn't an
issue for me.)



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> Hello -
> I have 280R/Solaris 8 systems with Qlogic Fibre cards in 
> them.  How do I
> determine the WWN's of the Fibre Cards?  
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