[SUMMARY] SunBlade 100 Memory Upgrade

From: The great Spirit <manitu_at_mefisto.net>
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 16:01:20 EST
My original question:
is it possible to upgrade a Sun Blade 100 with a standard                        PC133 512MB registered ECC DIMM ??                                              
The Answer is NO for me!

As I found out, after trying to use a 512MB registerd ECC Ram,
the Blade wouldn't even start up.
The only configuration that showed me a ok prompt was
512MB Dimm in Slot0 and 128MB Dimm in Slot1, but then
the system wasn't able to boot (neither from disk nor cdrom nor net).
Always gave some errors (stack problem, file not executable...)

The Dimm was ok ( tested it with a PC-System, worked fine).

I changed the DIMM with a 512MB ECC unbufferd CL-3 and this worked fine.

Don't know if the problem was that the DIMM was of tpye registered
or if it is of CL-2 or CL-2.5.
So I would say just use ECC RAM type CL-3.

locations to buy RAM for Sun systems:

a good link for Sun Blade 100 related problems (and a unofficial FAQ)

Thanks for the really fast replies to:
Brett Edstene
Tim Chipman
Rivera, Angel R
Marcelino Mata
Ryan A. Krenzis
Price, Chris
Emma Torrens

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