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From: Nair, Pravin <>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 18:08:30 EST
I did not get any positive response to my posting for creating multiple
jumpstart cds.Some of you evinced interest in
the procedure  ,if I managed to get one , in reply to my posting.
Ken Germann pointed to the compressed option in flarcreate ,which I already
knew .
Magnus Ahlman mentioned that he is already using jumpstart cd for solaris 7
by hacking suninstall scripts.
In the end ,I was forced to follow the procedure given in the Jumpstart book
by removing the Power management
Packages.The size of the image comes to less than 640 MB and should fit in 1
For those who don't have the book and want the steps to create a single
jumpstart cd ,let me know ,I'll
send the steps.
I don't have a cdrom burner attached to a Solaris system .So, I tried to ftp
the image to a Windows system and
burn it .Even though the image is shown as burnt successfully ,"boot cdrom -
install" doesn't work.
I don't know whether burning this way is right or not.
Original Posting
On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Nair, Pravin wrote:
Hello Managers ,
I am in the process of experimenting with Jumpstart  installations.
Instead of installing the OS over the network through Jumpstart ,I wanted to
make a Jumpstart bootable cdrom. The problem is the size of the image
(Solaris 8 10/01) which includes SUNWCall installation + patches + finish
scripts exceeds 700MB and it cannot fit on 1 cdrom. The Sun Blueprints
article and the Jumpstart technology book does not say how to create a new
VTOC if the image doesn't fit into  a single cd.
The same goes for Webstart flash installations .Archives are generally in
GBs .
Can someone please give me the procedure for splitting an image into
multiple cds .
Thanks,I will summarize.
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