SUMMARY: again NFS crash

From: laloo yadav <>
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 23:54:00 EST
automount seems to be a good option as pointed below.

my original question
was what would happen to clients using nfs mounted fs if the nfs server were
to crash.

Thanks BB


> I wonder if automounter will be of any
help ?? say if the nfs server were
> to crash while a client was working in
automounted partition , won't the
> client face problems ??

If the server
crashes and then comes back up again an automouter client
will have a glitch
but keep working. A normal nfs client would normally
need to be rebooted
(quickest soln). The sceanario you describe is exactly
what automounter was
written for.

The Unix System Administrator's Handbook recommends using what
is now
called am-utils ( over suns automounter. I tend to use
suns automounter on sun and am-utils everywhere else.

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