SUMMARY: NIC Performance Monitoring

From: BAUMLER Julie L <>
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 20:34:24 EST
Sorry this is so late - I was waiting to see if my non-network related
performance solution was going to solve our problem or if I had to reopen
looking at the network. I got several good answers, I wasn't able to
investigate all of them because I was looking for a way to disprove
someone's theory about our performance problems and in the meantime, I found
a way to prove my theory :-)

Steve Chapman suggested - Here's an excellent article:  
Unfortunately, I'd already looked at it before writing; but if you are
reading the summary trying to solve your problem, I'd suggest looking there.

Kevin Buterbaugh suggested downloading ttcp from  This
is the first place I'll look if this issue comes up again, but I haven't
looked at it.  He also suggested:

    As an aside, if you're on fast ethernet, I'd highly recommend going to
gigabit before I'd use Sun trunking.  Also, if you're running Solaris 8,
you can use IP multipathing for NIC redundancy and outbound load balancing.

Chris Smith suggested ntop.  Again, I haven't looked at it.

Chintu Pandya suggested if you are using Solaris 8, you might want to check
"multipathing" it does a simple load balance on the outgoing packets via
multiple interfaces.. I think its better than trunking.

For the bandwidth.. you can always use "netstat" and calculate the
packets, but I think the easiest and best way is to check is through 
your network (switch/sniffer etc.. ) [BTW, this is what I was trying to
avoid - I hope one of the above solutions automates this... Julie]

Al Hopper suggested netstat -s, again I'd already looked at this, but if
you're reading the archives and haven't...

My Sun SSE suggested (sight unseen) SiteScope from  I
downloaded a trial version and it doesn't do what I need but it was a neat
performance monitoring tool and it let me tell people to quit using top and
turn it's web display - if you have a lot of people who care about simple
performance stats on a system, this would be the ideal tool!  

Thanks to everyone for their help!


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Subject: NIC Performance Monitoring

Hello -

How would I determine whether or not a NIC is running at or close to its
full capacity (ie. It's time to get another NIC and start using Sun
Trunking?)  Or measure whether or not I need to tune my IP parameters/am
getting an improvement from tuning?  I've seen a lot of information on
benchmarking and tuning performance of the NIC and IP with NFS, using NFS
specific commands, but we're not using NFS.



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