SUMMARY: tcsh question ("Word too long" message)

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 12:21:09 EST
Thanks to:  Sherman Butler,
                   Lars Hecking
                   Fabrice Guerini
                   Scott Yelich
                   Bara Zani
                   Scott Sorrentino
                   Stephen Luxmoore
                   Richard Skelton, and,
                   Osama Ahmed

The problem was the user had cd aliased to something else.

Other suggestions:

 1 - Check for PATH too long.

2 - Search Google.

3 - check to see that there's no file called cd in his working directory and
that . is in his path

4 - Increase the default word length in tcsh source and recompile
(default=1000 characters).

Thanks again

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Hi Managers:
                       Solaris 8, CDE, tcsh, one of our users, after working
in a window for a while, when cd'ing, getting the message "Word too long.".
Example follows:

whitney] psycho:>
[whitney] psycho:> cd
Word too long.

Has anyone run into this?  I will summarize.

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