SUMMARY: Failure to compile tcp wrappers on Solaris 8

From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 13:12:13 EST
Thanks to the following:

Casper Dik (I expected you to respond first.....thanks for pointing me in the 
right direction with the Makefile)
'Mike's List'
Arthur Alinovi
Michael Pye
Randy Romero
Garfield Williams

Especially to Casper and Michael who reminded me about setting the 
REAL_DAEMON_DIR variable within the Makefile (Michael suggested just running it 
at the command line:  make REAL_DAEMON_DIR=/usr/sbin sunos5) This last one is 
what I tried and it worked like a charm. Again thank you to everyone who 
responded so quickly. This is a fantastic group :o)

Reason why I was running this on a system not using IPV6 is this is what the 
customer's environment is set up as. They had installed this version (IPV6) of 
tcp wrappers because of problems they had when the system was upgraded from 2.6 
to Solaris 8. I was having to verify that it would (compiling the source code) 
work the way they had done it (obviously it does, with some more tweaking).


Original question:

I've run into a slight problem when I attempted to compile the following:

I'm running Solaris 8 (without IPV6) - Ultra-60 - sun4u - gcc version 2.95.2

The only editting I've done is to the Makefile - I added the comment "CC=gcc" 
and then ran "make sunos5". What I'm trying to do is 'duplicate' the compiling 
steps one of our customers did when they compiled this code to update their tcp 
wrappers. But I'm receiving the error message of:

*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `config-check'
Current working directory /net/user7/santode/ISSUES/tcp_wrappers_7.6-ipv6.1
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `sunos5'

The unusual part is that no where does the customer indicate that a "configure" 
was done beforehand and I don't see one within the 'tcp_wrappers_7.6-ipv6.1' 
directory structure. What else needs to be editted to get this to work?

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