SUMMARY: SunPCi in an Ultra5 with other cards

From: Paul Richards <>
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 14:49:21 EST
My original question was:
My Ultra 5 already has a PGX24 graphics card and an LSI SCSI card
installed. Will I be able to install a SunPCi 400 without removing any
of the existing cards.

The answers from the list were encouraging, so I went ahead and bought
a Sun PCi 400.
It is designed only to fit in slot3 (which is the top slot on the left
side). The slot below is still usable if you dont use the SunPCi
serial and parallel connectors, provided the card you put in it is not
too long, as it will touch the CPU heatsink if its too long.
So I was able to keep all cards and put the SCSI in slot 1, and the
graphics in slot 2. Not using the SunPCi parallel and serial port was
no problem for me.

Paul Richards
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