SUMMARY: Problem with "ps"

From: Don Mies <>
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 17:54:38 EST
The answer to my question of why my "ps" command was
behaving differently than before appears to be that this
system has been hacked into.  The "ps", "ls", and several
other system utilities have been replaced and there are
processes running that should not be there.  The machine
has been taken down and is in the process of being wiped
and reinstalled.  All of our machines are also being put
behind a firewall.

Thanks to the following people for responding to my
question and providing valuable insight into what

   Casper Dik
   Paul Frederiksen
   Jadrian S. Johnson
   L. Bryan Moore
   Pravin Nair
   Mike Peppard
   Larye D. Parkins
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